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Harth Lighting is an LED solutions provider, project management specialist and one-stop shop for your organization’s lighting needs. High performance LED lighting has changed the way most companies look at their facility lighting, and Harth has the experience to navigate through the changing landscape, and provide guidance in selecting the right products for all aspects of our customers lighting upgrade. 

3-Step Plan

Our customers lighting needs and installation requirements vary greatly from one solution to the next. A wholistic approach to projects from the very beginning is required to accurately and completely meet the customer’s requirements.
The three steps are:
1. Assess the Project
2. Evaluate the Customer’s Needs
3. Provide the Customer with excellent LED upgrade service.

Providing Top-End Value to Customers

In our experience, evaluating each project and selecting product to suit each requirement provides the most value and Return On Investment (ROI) We remain product agnostic, only recommending solutions to solve our customers lighting needs. In this way, Harth Lighting provides solutions to best serve our customer’s interests, their bottom line, and their employees.

Improving Quality & Decreasing Costs

We remain committed to providing only the top quality LED lighting products from the pinnacle of the industry. We are constantly updating our line list, and evolving with the industry. The LED industry has changed over the years, but top quality endures, and Harth Lighting maintains the ability to provide the highest quality product, for each solution required.

Case Study

Project Details: The Sherman Library in Newport Beach, CA was looking to upgrade from outdated T12 lighting in their library, basement archives, shop area, and throughout the park grounds. 

Implementation: Approximately 225 2-foot and 4-foot fixtures with 2lamp and 3lamp T12 fluorescent lamps in grid-style ceilings were upgraded with new LED Flat Panel fixtures. 

Results: The Sherman Library’s annual energy consumption was reduced by 74,561 kWh (annually) equating to more than $11k in savings. 

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