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New & Replacement LED Products

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New & Replacement LED Products

With a Vast Product Portfolio of Both Custom Manufactured and On the Shelf Standard Products, Harth Lighting is your One Stop Shop for all Your Lighting Needs. Our Key Relationships and Manufacturing Capabilities Give Us a Unique Ability to Source the Exact LED Solution to Fit Your Project. 

Our Experience

With Over 20 Combined Years in the Lighting Industry, We have Witnessed the Evolution of the LED Product Mix from the Beginning. Our Key Relationships Have Fostered the Growth of Highest Quality Products for High Performance Projects.

Lighting Projects

We Facilitate Every Step of Your Lighting Upgrade From Planning, Rebating, Implementation, and Maintenance. As a Total Turn-Key Provider, We are with You Every Step of the Way. We Continue to Provide Excellent Service.

Our Expertise

Whether You Are a Building Owner, Property Manager, Or Contractor, We Work to Make Your Job Simpler By Providing Product and Project Details to Fit Your Expected Outcomes. Rest Assured That Your Lighting Project is in the Best Hands.

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