Lighting Consulting

Lighting Consulting

Designing the Perfect Illumination Profile for Your Space

Lighting Consulting

From photometric layouts to Innovative design changes from the ground up, our team of lighting professionals will consult with you on any project. We keep an eye on practical solutions for your required illumination, aesthetic, facility footprint, and most of all your budget. 

Our Experience

By utilizing our 4-Step project design, we are able guide our customers in establishing their project objectives. Once those objectives are established, we begin the product evaluation process.

Turnkey Lighting Projects

The objective with Turnkey Projects is to provide our customers with the ability and resources needed to complete a LED Lighting project. We help facilitate every aspect of the retrofit process.

Our Expertise

Our Team of Lighting Certified (LC) professionals is at your disposal to help guide you through the LED Retrofit process. We work to make your job easier through effective education of the available product options, and the potential outcome of those solutions.

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